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Roaches are among the most stubborn pests to get rid of. Other than their ability to adapt, these nuisance pests reproduce very quickly and their infestation can reach high numbers within days. There’s no need to worry though, Property Pest Solutions offers roach pest control expertise to remove these annoying pests.

If not untamed in due time, roaches can create ugly, embarrassing scenes. Besides that, they can potentially spread bacteria and germs, leading to infections. Once a single cockroach is spotted, it’s a sign of an underlying infestation. Don’t overlook it; through our roaches services let our roach exterminator South Florida team get rid of these pests once and for all.

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South Florida Roach Exterminators: Stay Safe from Roach Infestation

Cockroaches often enter your property in search of food and shelter. They mostly prefer dark and damp areas of the kitchen, attic, and garage. Outdoors, they hang around flower beds, cracks, and crevices. Apart from creating unpleasant scenes, roaches carry harmful pathogens such as dysentery, salmonella, and cholera.

Don’t let these annoying pests infest your property. Property Pest Solutions has well-trained and experienced cockroach exterminators with highly effective control and removal methods in South Florida. When you partner with us, we guarantee comprehensive protection against all types of roaches.

Effective Roach Pest Control for Roach Removal and Prevention

Cockroach Prevention

Our pest technicians focus on stopping roach problems before they become a nuisance. We employ innovative identification methods to locate the infestation source and eliminate it once and for all. Our expert exterminators also utilize barrier protection to stop roaches from entering your property.

Local cockroach infestation knowledge

Without a roach pest control expert in South Florida, it can be almost impossible to exterminate pests. Our exterminators are trained in the local roach infestation patterns, life cycle, and hiding zones. This lets us employ the right techniques to eliminate cockroaches in the region. Let our team offer you roach exterminator Broward and Palm Beach services.


One-stop Roach Extermination

Roaches are experts at hiding. If you spot one or two around your home, there’s a chance there’s already an infestation. Let our roach pest control team inspect your property to identify their hiding zones. Through our decades of experience, we identify and remove infestations before they become a hazard.

Wondering where can I get a roach exterminator near me. Property Pest Solutions offers roach exterminator Palm Beach and Broward services. Call us at 954-716-2052 for a free consultation.

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Or call us at 954-716-2052


The warm, humid climate of Florida attracts many guests; unfortunately, roaches are among them. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development states that Southwestern and South Florida have some of the fiercest roach infestations in the country. This means that to fully put the roach problem under control, you need to frequently treat your property against these pests.

Depending on the infestation level, the frequency of treatment for roaches varies between 30 and 60 days. Repeated treatment is important to ensure all traces of roaches are completely destroyed.

After a roach consumes a bait, it can live up to 3 days until its death. This ‘grace’ period is to allow the roach to crawl back to the colony and spread the product. Usually, roaches exhibit cannibalistic behavior, which means the live roaches feed on the dead, leading to the eradication of the entire colony.

After our pest technicians spray the product, and it dries, it will remain effective at killing roaches for at least 2 weeks. Through residual action and contact, the remaining roaches will continue to die until the colony is non-existent.

The roach that is mostly attracted to alcohol, particularly beer, is the American cockroach. They’re most common around recycling bins and home bars. To prevent this, rinse glasses and aluminum beer cans before putting them in litter bins outside. But most importantly, ensure you seek roach control services from our professional pest control technicians.

The best strategy to eliminate roaches is to make the space around your property less inviting to them. Keep your home free of litter, messes, and dirt that attract these pests. Ensure all cracks and crevices are sealed, and carry out treatment regularly. Reach out to our pest control experts at 954-716-2052, and we’ll help you eliminate roaches for good.

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