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Mosquito Pest Control Expertise for Happy Homes

South Florida has over 80 different mosquito species, making it one of the most stubborn pests that homeowners have to put up with. Fortunately, Property Pest Solutions offers decades of experience in mosquito pest control to the region to relieve your home of these pests.

Mosquitoes flourish in the humid climates of South Florida and inflict itchy bites that can potentially transmit deadly diseases such as Lyme, EEEV, and Zika. This makes it highly important to find a “mosquito exterminator near me” to eliminate these stubborn blood-sucking pests.

At Property Pest Solutions, our goal is to restore the lovely, accommodating serenity of your home. Our local pest exterminators tailor detailed pest control plans to target hotspots and rid your property of mosquitos.

Florida’s Trusted Mosquito Pest Control Experts

Property Pest Solutions crew has years of expertise combating mosquitoes in Florida, so we understand the intricacies of efficient mosquito management in the area. We recognize that our mosquito removal service shouldn’t interfere with your life, and we also understand the basis of deterrence at the various stages of these pests’ lives.

Our out-of-sight control and prevention techniques let you concentrate on what really matters. Regardless of the approach, with our professional supervision and care, our pest control methods are safe for families with pets.

How Property Pest Solutions Tackle Mosquito Nuisance

Getting rid of mosquitoes does not take a one-time control effort; it needs regular extermination. But what is important is the mosquito pest control technique employed. The effectiveness of the method ensures that it takes longer before mosquitoes show up again.


Property Pest Control offers several mosquito elimination methods for your South Florida property:

Natural Treatment

This is an organic control method that employs no chemicals to repel and eliminate mosquitoes. Our team has been using traditional methods such as botanical extracts, microbial agents, and essential oils for decades. These mosquito pest control South Florida techniques are 100% safe for both humans and pets.

Protective Barrier Pest Control

In this technique, our pest control technicians create a barrier around your property to stop mosquitoes and other blood-sucking pests from entering. The perimeter pest control method utilizes insecticides, which our experts apply to the exterior walls, landscaping features, and foundation of a structure. As a result, mosquitoes are deterred from crossing this barrier into your home.

Mosquito Hotspot Control

As the name suggests, this method targets infested areas like cracks and crevices, shrubbery, shaded areas, and lawns to disrupt the breeding of mosquitoes. Our mosquito pest control Palm Beach experts establish zones that repel and eliminate mosquitoes on contact.

Are you in South Florida and wondering, “Where do I get mosquito pest control near me?” Property Pest Solutions offers top-notch mosquito pest control Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach services. Call us at 954-716-2052 for a free consultation. 

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Or call us at 954-716-2052

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Or call us at 954-716-2052

Or call us at 954-716-2052


There are different ways to get rid of the mosquito menace on your property. At Property Pest Solutions, we follow procedures that involve removing mosquitoes from the source. Our treatment methods include spraying, larvicide treatment, mosquito traps, and preventive measures. We reduce mosquito populations and create a more conducive environment for you and your loved ones.
The results of a mosquito control process can be almost immediate because the products act on mosquitoes at any stage of their life cycle. Our approach is based on source reduction, ensuring that both mosquitoes and their nests are completely destroyed.
Our mosquito control process has an effectiveness of up to 4 weeks from the time our technicians apply the spray. So, we highly recommend treating mosquitoes every four to five weeks during the high infestation seasons. On normal occasions, you may want to apply a control procedure once every two months.
Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures, dominant between May and October. As soon as it starts getting warm, the mosquito population starts shooting up. But the weather can change slightly, making it a little difficult to stick to a predefined schedule of mosquito control. Therefore, we highly recommend applying treatment as soon as you encounter mosquitoes on your property.
The spray we apply typically needs about 30 minutes to dry up. After that, it completely sets in to eliminate any mosquitoes and their nests. Even after it rains, the spray remains highly effective and will only start wearing off after exposure to the sun for about 3 to 4 weeks.
Depending on your property size, our mosquito control experts need about 45 minutes to apply the treatment. That’s all we need to get rid of mosquito activity on your property. During the visit, our pest control technicians inspect the property to identify breeding grounds. After that, we apply the treatment and also advise you on how to keep the hotspots clear.

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