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Ant Pest Control: Eradicating Ants in South Florida

Some ants are not destructive. Some don’t have painful stings. Still, they’re pests that can ruin a good day in South Florida. At Property Pest Solutions, we understand the frustrations these insects can cause you. Our job is to ensure your property is ant-free, thanks to our decades of ant pest control experience.

From time to time, you might have applied DIY methods, but you realize these pests aren’t going away. While DIY ant control methods may work, the solution is not effective or long-lasting. By finding a professional “ant exterminator near me,” you can kiss goodbye to your ant problems. Property Pest Solutions is committed to keeping your home ant-free all year long in South Florida.

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Ant Infestation Solutions: One-Stop Extermination for Stubborn Ants

Florida has different types of ants that require different approaches to effectively eradicate. We provide comprehensive ant infestation solutions to eradicate even the most stubborn ant problems.

Expert assessment, Customized Plans: Our ant exterminator South Florida service entails carrying out a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the infestation. With the understanding that every property is unique, we employ a tailored approach to meet your property’s specific requirements.

 We can identify and eradicate all types of ants common in South Florida, including:

  • Fire ants.
  • Argentine ants.
  • Carpenter ants.
  • Bigheaded ants
  • Acrobat ants
  • Harvester ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Odorous house ants.

Targeted Treatment Techniques : Combining innovative and eco-friendly products, our ant control experts target colonies at their source. This approach ensures your property gets a lasting solution by eliminating existing ants and disrupting breeding cycles. Our goal is to eradicate ant infestations while prioritizing your environment, family, and pets’ safety.

Preventive Methods and Follow-up: Our ant pest control measures don’t stop there; we also implement preventive methods to protect your property against future infestations. We do this by identifying and sealing entry points and removing attractants.

Additionally, our ant exterminators offer you valuable ant prevention tips to safeguard your property from future infestations

Guaranteed Ant Extermination Results in South Florida: At Property Pest Solutions, we take pride in the quality of our work. This is what has earned us a good reputation among homeowners in South Florida. Whether you’re interested in ant exterminator Palm Beach or ant exterminator Broward services, we can deliver.

Don’t let ants invade your property and disrupt the quality of your life. Let Property Pest Solutions experts deliver targeted ant extermination that meets your needs. Contact us today at 954-716-2052 for a free consultation.

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Or call us at 954-716-2052


While you would expect ants to be completely eliminated after treatment, that’s not how it works. Our products don’t destroy ants right away, but allow them a few more days to move back into the colony. This way, they spread the product to the rest of the colony. This eliminates ants entirely, rather than spraying to kill them on contact with the product.
We utilize liquid chemicals known as non-repellants on your property’s exterior, which the ants pass and take back to their colony. Our pest control technicians use this in addition to high-quality professional baits with high active ingredient percentages. These treatments perform much better at eradicating ants and colonies than baits available in retailers.

Yes, we do. Property Pest Solutions specializes in all types of ants, including big-headed ants. These ant species exist in colonies of hundreds or thousands of ants, making them one of the most difficult to eliminate. However, our process has proven more effective with only two to three treatments to eliminate big-headed ants. Are you ready to try our ant pest control treatment? Give us a call at 954-716-2052 and get a free consultation.

Most of the ants you see around your house come from the nearby trees and shrubs. These plants harbor little bugs such as whiteflies and aphids that secrete honeydew. This secretion attracts ants that feed on it. Once ants show up at your doorstep, they definitely will find their way to other areas that have sugary substances like the kitchen.
Yes, ants tend to increase and crawl into your house during spring and summer. During these seasons, the plants that harbor bugs that secrete honeydew are budding, causing ant infestation to increase. These little pests find their way to your house in their search for food and water. Our expert pest technicians can trace their source and apply treatment to eliminate them once and for good.
While ants can be a nuisance, only a couple of species cause destruction, such as big-headed ants. Most aren’t a significant cause for concern, however, their sight can be irritating. If you’ve spotted a few ants in your house, there’s a chance that a colony is budding somewhere. Let our experts help you trace the source and destroy it before it grows any further.

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